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How to stream on Twitch from a PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One – Select Twitch, and the service will provide you with a streaming key. Then, go to and enter the key. Your.

The other issue is that the PS4 does not send the game info to Twitch and many of the PS4 games are not setup on Twitch so you can't add it manually. This is something both ends of the setup need to fix for this functionality to really take off. if Twitch is flooded with people saying they are playing Minecraft when they are really playing Nack then people will start to lose confidence in Twitch.

02/07/2018 · Simply head over to the activation page on your PC/Mobile, and enter the code shown on the PS4 to link your Twitch account to your PS4. 4. Once your Twitch credentials have been saved, the stream settings will show up. Give your stream a name and then select “Start Broadcasting”. 5. And that’s it. A Twitch window will show up on your gameplay footage. SEE ALSO: How to Create Discord Server and Invite Your Friends Start Streaming to Twitch from PS4 or Xbox One