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Dun & Bradstreet is currently running Ne04j 3.4 and planning to move to 3.5. Deploying the highly distributed architecture on.

Tech architecture was needed to handle multiple travel SKUs as well as maintaining.

Any event that would be triggered from any of the micro-service will get listened by this service, processed.

CBI’s DevOps Needed A New Microservice Mesh. Here’s How We Tackled The Challenge — CB Insights Research – As network architecture improves, it also gets more complex. Here’s how the engineers at CBI dug into this challenge and created a best-in-class network architecture. The work of the engineering team.

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An ESB is a middleware that enables interoperability among heterogeneous environments using a service-oriented architecture.

I’ve been working with a rather large project here lately that is based on a micro service architecture. I really like the.

A light-weight container-based solution for RAN applications provides MNOs with a flexible and modular architecture that takes a very small memory footprint, allows for rapid initialization, large.