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17/06/2020  · SMTP server settings are only used to send mail from the address. To download and store incoming messages from an account, you’ll need the settings for either a POP3 or IMAP account. Depending on which standard you use on your devices, enter either the POP server settings or the IMAP server settings.

If you use to access an account that uses a domain other than,, or, you might not be able to sync your accounts using IMAP. To resolve this, remove the connected IMAP account in and reconfigure it as a POP connection.

And here’s Outlook’s SMTP configuration: 1. Select “Account Settings.

” from the “Tools” menu. 2. Select your email account and click on the “Change” button. 3. Insert your server’s name in the “Outgoing mail server (SMTP)” field. If you don’t know it you can have a look at our.

4. Click on the.

Si vous essayez d’ajouter votre compte à une autre application de messagerie, vous pourriez avoir besoin des paramètres POP, IMAP ou SMTP pour Vous pouvez les trouver ci-dessous ou en accédant aux paramètres POP et IMAP dans Si vous voulez ajouter votre compte à un appareil intelligent tel qu’une caméra de sécurité domestique, vous.

Server Address: Username: Your Office 365 Address (e.g. [email protected]) Password: Your Office 365 Password Port Number: 587 (With TLS) Authentication: Required Sending Limits: 10,000 Emails a day To know more about Office 365 SMTP settings, Click here.

T-online Email Für Alle ⭐ So richten Sie Ihr E-Mail-Programm richtig ein: Einstellungen für POP3, IMAP und SMTP Server. Ob Sie in Ihrem E-Mail-Programm – egal ob Outlook, Windows-Mail, Thunderbird und so weiter – POP3 oder IMAP zum Abrufen, Bearbeiten und Senden Ihrer E-Mails über nutzen, ist an dieser Stelle erst einmal nicht so wichtig. Update of Gay-Domain

Server Address:; Username: Your Outlook Email Address (e.g. [email protected]) Password: Your Outlook Password; Port Number: 587 (With TLS) Alternative Port Number: 25 (Without TLS/SSL) Sending Limits: 300 Emails a day or 100 recepients a day.

21/12/2017  · Once Outlook accepted these credentials and opened up, I was able to go to File > Account Settings > Change > and get the familiar screen, where I could change everything back. Test Connection and subsequent Auto Send & Receive will connect, download and send emails using as SMTP server with no SSL or Encryption, absolutely fine.