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An Ohio-based political advocacy group that shares a Republican-allied law firm with Kanye West’s political campaign is.

This week, we discuss the security of mail-in voting (very good) and future of online ballots in the US (very unlikely).

From eating our cake to thieving our pizzas and slurping on our drinks, these pets, pictured on Bored Panda from across the.

Qualcomm’s Founder On Why the US Doesn’t Have Its Own Huawei – Ignore this at your peril! Anyway, to help celebrate Qualcomm’s 35th anniversary, the company offered me an interview with.

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The president seemed to encourage North Carolina voters to send in their ballot by mail, then show up to vote in person as a.

Alexis Sanchez is one of the biggest disappointments in Manchester United history and yet the Chilean has extraordinarily.

A previously unheard One Direction song has leaked online, and fans can’t handle it. The demo for the track Half The World.

Gmail is one of the best email providers on the market today. However, the power and versatility of the platform can make.

Attorney General William Barr marshaled two pieces of evidence on CNN Wednesday to back up his assertion that expanding.