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OpenOffice: So löscht ihr blaue Hyperlinks und Schreibschutz Link-Farbe entfernen Schreibschutz löschen . Netzwelt und Mirco Stalla 18. Februar 2019 um 15:38 Uhr Lesezeit: 1 Minute Ihr habt ein.

26/11/2015  · 17. Click the "Download link". There you can find your PDF files, the ebooks. Click the "Download" button to download the files. Each ebook is in one PDF file. 18. The link to download you ebooks is also in an email, in your inbox. 19. Remember that the ebooks are copyright protected!

I think it was after I started to "save as" all the entries changed to a hyperlink. I don’t want this file left such that I could accidentally modify the registry. I copied the text and used "paste special" to paste in as unformatted text. That didn’t work. Changing the format didn’t do anything. Right click on an individual entry (as opposed to the whole list) did not bring up a remove.

Note: To paste a link from the clipboard into your message, on the Edit menu, click Paste. However, if you paste a link into your message this way, you can’t edit the link text. The link text will be the address of the link. Change text into a hyperlink. In your message, select the text you want to change into a hyperlink. On the Message tab, click Hyperlink. In the Link box, type the address.

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According to another question, this inability to remove a hyperlink is a known bug. Here is how I was able to remove the hyperlink: Right click on the cell, but ensure you’re -not- right-clicking the actual hyperlink. (If you right-click on the hyperlink, the "Clear Direct Formatting" doesn’t work for some reason.) Select "Clear Direct.

With Kutools for Word’s Remove Hyperlinks utility, you can quickly remove all hyperlinks from the whole document or the selected part of the document. Kutools for Word is a handy add-in to ease your work and enhance your ability of processing word document. Free Trial for 60 days! Get It Now! 1. Click Kutools > Remove > Remove Hyperlinks. See screenshot: 2. In the popping out Remove dialog.